We're Anna and Lilly, sisters and Co-Founders, of Frankly Eco. Our passion is creating natural plant-based skincare gentle for all skin types.

Everything we put into our products is safe for the smallest people in our lives. As Mums, we wanted to develop a skincare range we would happily use on our our tribe of little humans. Now, we aim to share our natural plant-based skincare with other families across Australia and the world. 

The idea for Frankly Eco began when Anna was working towards her diploma in Breastfeeding Management. At this time Anna was working with many mums in the community and noticed it was difficult to find a natural NIPPLE OINTMENT that would be suitable for Mums to use and one Anna would happily use herself recommend to all the Mums she was working with. So, she decided to make her own.
When Anna first approached Lilly about Frankly Eco, Lilly instantly knew it was something she wanted to be involved in. At the time Lilly found it challenging to find natural vegan products that were gentle enough to use on her two sons, Lenny and Bobby. 



A bit about Anna Scullie

Anna has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) and a Diploma of Breastfeeding Management.
Anna has a strong interest in human evolution and brain development in infants. Anna is a mother of two boys and twin girls. She is passionate about helping and supporting other Mums, especially those with newborns. She’s pretty much always spreading kindness, love and support!

"Did you know? 90% of the human brain is developed between the age of 0-3 years of age? Remember to be gentle and kind."

My Frankly Favourite
I’m obsessed with our BABY BUM CREAM because it’s key ingredient is Melaleuca Oil. I first found out about this native Australian ingredient from Aboriginal people who have used this natural anti-bacterial on their infants for thousands of years.

A bit about Lilly Scullie

Due to Lilly's interest in supporting kids who have trauma-related backgrounds, Lilly studied Education Support. 
Lilly loves spending time with her sons, Lenny & Bobby, in the veggie garden and has cared for many adopted dogs, lambs, ducks (you name it!) who have come into her care. She is passionate about plant-based  (vegan) products that are cruelty-free and leave the smallest possible footprint on our earth.
"I like to use as little chemicals as possible on my boys, Lenny and Bobby. They are my greatest gift and I want the best for them ~ always!"

My Frankly Favourite
Initially, it was our NIPPLE OINTMENT because I like how can keep it in my handbag and use it on everything - head, shoulders, knees and toes!  But... after using our products for over a year now my new favourite is our BODY BALM. It smells incredible!